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Geo Nesting Board Wooden Puzzle is a great educational toy for kids that will encourage their intellectual development. Your child will develop knowledge of shape and relative size as they nest each piece into another. They will also learn about colour graduation from dark to light. This lovely wooden puzzle for kids is made from rubber wood, an eco-friendly, sustainable and high quality timber.

Extend Play and Learning

To help your little one learn the names of shapes, you might like to play Shape Spotto. Lay all of the shapes out on the floor or table and give them a shape to find, for example say, “Can you spot a square?” When your child spots the square, they can say “Spotto”.

If your child does this easily, make the game a little harder by adding size to the request, for example say "Can you spot a large circle?" Again, they need to say Spotto when they have found it. To give an extra challenge, add a colour, for example say "Can you spot a medium, orange, triangle?" This game will assist skills in taking instruction, listening, visual discrimination and math concepts such as size, shape and colour.

Educational and Developmental Benefits of this Toy

Age 2+

Product Code BR34658
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 7cm

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